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Garcia Contracting Logo

Leading the Kiwifruit Contracting Industry
since 2011

Who are We

New Zealand Owned and Operated, we pride ourselves for being one of the longest living companies in the contracting industry in Aotearoa.

Specialised in Orchard management and operations, our team of loyal and well experienced workers have been providing the best returns for orchard owners since 2011.

Led by People.
Driven by Passion.

Our Mission

With a focus on compliance, our mission is to support growers to improve their results by supplying a qualified workforce, contribute to people’s development and positively impact our communities.

Our Vision

To be a leading contracting and management company in the primary sector and maximise results to all Stakeholders.

Our Values


  • We transparently communicate with each other, with sincerety and respect to establish a safe environment for everyone
  • What needs to be said is expressed with empathy and with a goal to improve the situation
  • Responsibly we take risks to reach our objectives and we make the best decisions to reach our vision
  • We are entrepreneurial thinkers who express our ideas without fear of judgement
  • We dare to be vulnerable, and embrace learning opportunities

Optimistic Attitude

  • We believe in positive outcomes and we work to achieve them
  • We face challenges optimistically and see them as an opportunity to grow
  • Instead of complaining, we choose to be grateful for the day-to-day challenges that make us stronger
  • We are always learning from our experiences, and are proud to share our stories
  • Nothing is impossible and we believe that anything can be achieved with effort


  • We work better together, building bridges, sharing knowledge and experience
  • We actively listen to understand our colleagues’ challenges, and together we find a resolution to problems and conflict
  • We believe that a positive energy, celebrations, and acknowledgment fuels a winning team
  • Caring for each other’s physical and mental well-being strengthens our team
  • We are passionate about teamwork because together we make our dreams come true

Excellence in our results

  • We are responsible for our results. The word ‘failure’ is replaced by learning opportunities
  • We eagerly solve problems and present solutions to achieve our objectives
  • We strive to reach our vision and we are known for our results
  • We believe that discipline, persistence, commitment and responsible actions contribute to achieving our results
  • We use indicators to guide our improvements and to show us the best step forward. Goals are made to overcome

We are

  • We are proud to have diversity of cultures in our team
  • We encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences, we are open to new ways of thinking, and behaving that will assist us in achieving our goals
  • We believe every individual in our team is different, they hold unique characteristics, beliefs, values and cultures and we respect them for it
  • We are diverse, we are surrounded by several languages and we learn from the diversity of cultures within our team
  • We believe we can achieve more together and we want to take advantage of every opportunity to unite our skills and abilities

Consistent Improvement

  • We want to be challenged every day, learn new skills and to improve our processes achieve quality results
  • Our minds are open to searching for better solutions and learning from our colleagues’ experiences and perspectives
  • We humbly accept that we are not always right
  • We openly receive feedback to improve our work
  • We believe there is always room for growth