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Kiwifruit Job Opportunities in Tauranga

Kiwifruit Summer Pruning

The Kiwifruit Industry In New Zealand

Kiwifruit is a popular snack worldwide and the most iconic fruit of New Zealand. Today in NZ, more than 1,800 Kiwifruit farmers grow over 500,000 tonnes exported every year that combine worth $2.53 billion. Those orchards cover nearly 13,000 hectares of area planted. This is one of the reasons that New Zealand has become the world’s second-largest exporter of the fruit, just behind China.

Kiwifruit Jobs in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

Mount Maunganui, home of Kiwifruit Jobs in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
Photo from the top of Mount Maunganui in Tauranga

Tauranga is the largest city in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand, and besides being one of the most popular touristic destination, with many people coming here to enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenic views, it is home to the largest concentration of kiwifruit orchards.

For this reason, Tauranga has become the most popular destination for people looking to join the kiwifruit industry. Since most growers are located in Tauranga and other regions nearby, finding kiwifruit jobs in Tauranga is fairly easy. The region offer multiple seasonal jobs in the kiwifruit industry, being suitable for both travellers looking for temporary kiwifruit work, and for people looking to join the industry to pursue a career in the kiwifruit industry.

Kiwis are the best fruit growers globally, and New Zealand is the second-largest kiwifruit exporting country. The demand for kiwifruit is so high that many people move to the Tauranga region to work as seasonal fruit pickers, pruners, etc. Jobs are available for workers with or without previous experience, as most employers provide full training upon starting. Kiwifruit seasonal work in Tauranga is available for anyone keen to join the industry. At Garcia Contracting we offer kiwifruit seasonal jobs in Tauranga and surrounding regions. You can find other reliable kiwifruit contracting companies through NZKGI website.

Kiwifruit Job Positions in Tauranga:

Although the majority of people joining the industry usually start at regular seasonal jobs at orchards, such as Winter Pruning, Summer Pruning and kiwifruit picking, there are plenty of other opportunities to explore in the industry. The most common positions available are:

  • Machinery Operator
  • Orchard Manager
  • Truck, Forklift and tractor drivers
  • Orchard supervisors/team leader
  • Office staff (admin, accounting, recruitment)
  • Packhouse Staff
  • Quality Controller
  • And much more

How Much Can You Make In A Kiwifruit Job in Tauranga?

How much money you can make in the kiwifruit industry depends on a few factors, such as your position. If you are looking for a seasonal or orchard job in Tauranga, the most important factor to consider is which season you will be working at. Each season has a different pay rate structure.

While some seasons offer a regular hourly rate, some others offer a ‘dynamic’ rate, where the worker gets paid per production. The more they work, or results they deliver, the more they will earn.

Earnings in the Kiwifruit Winter Pruning Season

Winter pruning work rates at orchards are based on productivity. The more square meters a worker can prune per hour, more they will earn. Smaller areas or slower workers will invariably earn less money. The average paying rates turn around $0.90/sqm of work done. It depends on your experience and speed of work.

It’s a real challenge to predict which trees or shrubs need the most Kiwifruit pruning work. And it’s hard to determine precisely how much work an employee will do in any given area. On average, the speed and efficiency of one worker can cover 35 sqm per hour. This means your experience in pruning has led you to believe you could earn $31.50 an hour.

Learn more about the kiwifruit winter pruning season.

Earnings from Kiwifruit Summer Pruning job

When the summer arrives it is time to get the Kiwifruit trees ready for kiwifruit harvest. The pay rates during the summer pruning seasons are fixed per hour of work

The best thing about the summer pruning season is that a worker can work flexible hours, since they will be earning only for the hours they have worked. Most companies, Garcia Contracting included, pays workers weekly as Kiwifruit tree pruner.

During the summer pruning season, the average rates are usually 10-20% higher than the national minimum wage rates every year. How much you can earn will depend only on how many hours the worker is willing to spend.

The average pay rate is around $25 per hour + 8% holiday pay and paid breaks. The working schedule is up to 10 hours per day and up to 6 days per week, although these are flexible, as we mentioned before. Work during the summer pruning season is usually a bit more relaxed, less stressful.

The kiwifruit summer pruning work is one of the best seasons to start in the Kiwifruit industry for those who are looking to enjoy working outdoors, the fun and pleasant environment only the Kiwifruit industry can offer.

Learn more about the kiwifruit summer pruning season.

Earnings from Kiwifruit Picking Jobs

Kiwifruit picking is by far the best paying season of all kiwifruit seasons. The work is per productivity, so the more you can pick, the more money you will make.

The picking season attracts thousands of workers to work in Tauranga, since it’s the best paying season, and people look for a quick way to earn extra money.

The pay rates during the picking season will vary depending on the sizes of the bins you and your team will fill, the kind of kiwifruit you will be picking (green, gold, red) and to which contractor you will work for.

You and your team will split a value per bin for every bin you fill together. At the end of the day, the employer will count how many bins your team has fulfilled and split the total amount between your team members.

During the picking season it is important to be placed on in a good team, where every team member is focused in picking the fruit as fast as they can. That way, workers can maximise their profits.

For picking each bin of fruit, the team will be paid an average of to $28, plus 8% holiday pay. The working schedule is 8 to 10 hours per day and 6 days per week, and sometimes night shift is available.

Learn more about the kiwifruit picking season.

Benefits of Working at Kiwifruit Orchards

  • You will also get to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery around the orchard. You can spend your time doing things you love, rather than working in an office
  • You will also have the opportunities to work with other people. There are a lot of options for social interaction in a kiwifruit orchard. You can spend time chatting with friends or going on family holidays together
  • It’s a great way to learn. You will get to know the kiwifruit industry and a lot about agriculture. You will also learn how different types of kiwifruit are grown and can get qualifications while you work
  • Working in a kiwifruit orchard can lead you to build your professional career in the industry
  • Kiwifruit jobs in Tauranga offer a unique and beautiful lifestyle, with breathtaking scenarios and beaches to enjoy while on your leisure time, so it is great to work here.

How to Find a Kiwifruit Job in Tauranga

If you are looking for a job in Tauranga, it’s time to start thinking about the kiwifruit industry. Kiwifruit jobs can be found all around New Zealand, but the best place to look for them is in Tauranga.

Before starting to apply for kiwifruit jobs in Tauranga, we recommend you do a brief research on which positions are available, how each season work and which work you are keen to do. This includes knowing the job title, the job description, and the salary range, as usual.

We also recommend you do a thorough research on contracting companies, to ensure you join the best companies and teams in town. Some companies have had a history in the past for not paying staff on time, or offering irregular work positions, not paying taxes, or not having proper documentation when hiring staff.

Needless to say, Garcia Contracting is one of the best contractors for kiwifruit jobs in Tauranga. With more than 10 years in operation, we have seen it all, and we care about our workers, constantly promoting a great work environment for our team members, Health and Safety practices, and of course, all following the high-standards and New Zealand’s legislation.

Once you have defined what sort of work you are looking for, it’s time to start applying for jobs. If you are looking for regular seasonal work, resumes are often not needed. Since all training will be provided, and no previous experience being required, these are a great entry point for newbies who want to join the industry.

But in case you are looking to start at a higher position, such as orchard supervisor or office staff, the thing we recommend most is that you understand how to write a good resume. Do not miss to include the right information in the right places, and you also need to be able to make a good impression with your resume.

Here are some tips to help you get a job in the kiwifruit orchard in Tauranga.

1. Know your market. You have to know where you can find kiwifruit jobs in Tauranga. Start by visiting local markets and checking if any kiwifruit orchards are hiring.

2. Prepare yourself. You need to ensure that you have the right skills to get a job in the kiwifruit orchards in Tauranga. For example, if you don’t speak English well, then you’ll need to improve your language skills before applying for a kiwifruit job.

3. Create a compelling CV. The best way to land a kiwifruit job in Tauranga is to create an effective CV. Make sure that it’s well-written and includes everything that’s relevant to the position.

4. Network. Don’t be afraid to network. When you’re looking for a kiwifruit job in Tauranga, you need to talk to people who are in the same industry as you.

5. Show off your skills. You need to show off your skills and experience. For example, if you’ve been working as a kiwifruit grower for a long time, then you should include that information on your CV.

We Offer Kiwifruit Jobs in Tauranga

Garcia Contracting is a New Zealand-based company that offers employees the opportunity to work in kiwifruit orchards in Tauranga. At Garcia, diversity is essential to us. We are proud of being an inclusive workplace, and everyone has a voice at Garcia. We have been around for over 10 years and will continue to grow stronger as they serve clients for years to come.

If you have experience with kiwifruit, or don’t have experience but is keen to learn and join the industry, we’d love to hear from you!

At Garcia we are always looking for reliable, hard-working, self-motivated, and trustworthy workers who fill a variety of kiwifruit job positions in Tauranga and surrounding regions. Working in the kiwifruit industry in Tauranga with Garcia is not only an excellent opportunity for you to make some extra cash, but a life changing opportunity to build a career and become a professional in your field.

The kiwifruit industry is growing at a fast pace and we need as many people as possible to join our teams of seasonal workers in Tauranga. You can apply for seasonal work positions here.

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