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Kiwifruit Orchard Management

With more than 10 years of experience in orchard maintenance, we have acquired hands-on practical experience to run and manage Kiwifruit Orchards from development to harvest. 

Our qualified team members are top-notch kiwifruit specialists, who have seen it all in terms of Kiwifruit, we know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

After all these years of experience, we are proud to say that we are fully capable of offering the high quality orchard management you and your orchard deserves.


Orchard Management Done to Perfection

Managing an orchard is challenging. There is always struggles with time, equipment, and workforce. That’s why we have designed our orchard management services, to minimise the impact of these struggles in your life as an orchard owner, enabling you to focus on the other aspects of your business, and rest assured you will have the best OGR as possible in your orchard.

At Garcia, we live and breathe Kiwifruit. 

It is in our blood to practice high-quality standards, respecting the plant, the fruit and the soil, to ensure each canopy reaches a high yield production level.

Our orchard management solution comes with our own and dedicated orchard management system, giving us the clarity of what needs to be done next, and giving you the peace of mind to know what has been done in your orchard, what are the next steps and the ability to contact our team if any issue arises.

Reach the best OGR

Kiwifruit OGR - Garcia Contracting

Proprietary Orchard Management System

Kiwifruit orchard owners’ main concern is the lack of tools to track the past, current and future situation of their orchards. We, as orchard management and maintenance providers, on the other hand, needed the right tools to track our staff performance and monitor activities on all orchards we work on.

To solve this problem, we have developed our own proprietary Orchard Management System. Through our software, both we and our clients are able to check in real time which tasks are being done at the orchard, who are the managers involved and which team is working on each orchard block. Additionally, we have a clearer view of daily expenses, hours worked, timesheets, and much more. All 100% designed to attend the kiwifruit industry needs in New Zealand.

If you are interested in an Orchard Management System to help you manage your orchard and have a full picture of the current scenario, you can contact our team today!

Orchard Management System

Orchard Management done right

Orchard Management Done Right​

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What is orchard management?

Orchard management is all work involved to ensure orchards produce the maximum amount of fruits as possible, considering the hectares available for the plants to grow, the plants’ ages, canopy / vines quality, and pest control management. In other words, orchard management ensures all plants in an orchard grow healthy and the production yield reached its maximum capacity.

Orchard managers also ensure orchard/canopy maintenance work is done on time by high-skilled work-force, to avoid damage to the plants and their vines, what would negatively impact the OGR (Orchard Gate Return).

What is OGR (Orchard Gate Return)?

OGR (Orchard Gate Return) is a standard industry metric to determine the orchard revenue after harvest. A profitable orchard has to consider all production costs involved, from planting and development to harvest, transporting, packing and exporting. 

OGR is the return after deducting all these costs.

Are you ready to bring your orchard to the next level?

Increase the productivity of your orchard, and achieve the best OGR possible.

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