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Kiwifruit Winter Pruning

Join the Kiwifruit Winter Pruning Season!

At Garcia, we are always looking for experienced pruners to help us deliver great results to our customers.

If you are an experienced pruner and want to join the kiwifruit industry, we have an opportunity for you!

Be part of one of the most important stages of the kiwifruit lifecycle​

Join one of the largest kiwifruit maintenance service provider in the Bay of Plenty and be part of one of the most important stages in the kiwifruit lifecycle.

Kiwifruit Winter Pruning - Rafael Garcia and Team

Join the Kiwifruit Winter Pruning!

What is the Kiwifruit Winter Pruning?

After the harvest season, kiwifruit trees enter a ‘dormant’ mode and lose most of its leaves. This typically happens during the winter.

This is when the winter pruning work takes place. Winter pruning is the process of removing or cutting-out shoots from older branches of the plant, giving space for new and stronger shoots that will grow when the plant ‘wakes up’ when spring comes.

Stronger shoots receives more nutrients from the root, therefore these new shoots will potentially generate more fruits, and increase the plant’s productivity.

Kiwifruit Winter Pruning Work Sandy

Why is the Winter Pruning so Important?

Winter pruning is one – If not the most – Important task do be done in kiwifruit orchards. 

When done right, the winter prune will enable the plant to grow stronger, healthier and more fruitful. Winter pruning must be done in all kiwifruit trees during winter times.

In the other hand, neglecting winter pruning by not doing it – or doing it improperly – may reduce the plant’s productivity drastically, directly affecting the orchard’s profitability.

Can Anyone do Winter Pruning?

Yes and no. As we mentioned before, winter pruning is the one of the most critical tasks to be done in a kiwifruit orchard, and doing it wrong may result in ‘killing’ the plant indefinitely which will have a great impact on the overall production of the orchard. Being experienced or have been properly trained in the tasks involved in winter pruning is essential to avoid any possible damage to the plants.

At Garcia, we are always aiming to deliver the best results to our customers, and to avoid eventual mistakes that can put our customer’s production at risk. For that reason, experience pruners are always preferred.

Besides, as most activities performed on kiwifruit plants, winter pruning is also physically demanding – after all, field workers will be using pliers and cutters to remove shoots and branches, what requires certain level of strength and being capable to having your arms raised for longs periods of time.

If you don’t have experience, and is keen to learn everything there is to know about winter pruning and how to perform all tasks in a safe and efficient manner, we can offer all the required practical training.

Kiwifruit Winter Pruning

How Much Can You Earn?

Winter pruning is based on productivity per square meter. In other words, your earnings will depend on how much area you can cover within the hour. Our pay rates vary depending on your experience, and can go up to $0.90/sqm of work done.

Some plants require more pruning than others, making it hard to predict how much every person will earn. In average, our workers are able to cover 35 sqm per hour. So, based on this, and being experienced in pruning, you could earn about $31.50 per hour before taxes, plus 8% holiday pay.

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Why Garcia Contracting?

Garcia Contracting Logo Operating since 2011, we pride ourselves to be one of the longest living contracting services provider in the Bay of Plenty.

At Garcia, we value our people. Our team is made of people from all around the world, and diversity is part of who we are.

We do our best to deliver a high standard service to our customers while maintaining our compliance, legal obligations and strong Health & Safety measures to provide the best work environment to our staff.

With Garcia Contracting you can have the peace of mind you will get paid exactly what we agree upon signing the contract, all following New Zealand’s legislation. We believe all employee’s legal rights should be respected, and we are proud to say we make this our standard process.

We provide full training, industry standard rates and immediate start for all those hard-workers out there who are looking forward to join the kiwifruit industry!


This season is now over and applications are closed.

You can join our waiting list to get notified when new job positions are open or, apply to work in the current season.

Winter Pruning

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Please leave your details below and our team will contact you as soon as the winter pruning season starts once again and new job positions become available.