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Kiwifruit Orchard Machinery Worker

Machinery Services

Garcia has a team of well trained and capable operators who can carry out your orchard job by operating modern and well-maintained machines and implements.

Kiwifruit Orchard Contracting

Recruitment, selection and hiring labour for kiwifruit orchards. Recruitment of work force, training and supervision. 

Work force for your needs such as: maintenances, picking, pruning, putting up strings poles, planting and etc. 

Kiwifruit Picking - Garcia Contracting
Kiwifruit Orchard Management

Orchard Management Services

We put growers first, regardless of how big or small your orchard is. Our dedicated senior orchard manager and highly experienced team will strive to achieve the best OGR results for your orchard. We manage all aspects of orchard maintenance including mowing, mulching, spraying, canopy work and harvest. Working alongside RSEs and local labour with excellent supervision and H&S practices. We have a friendly and motivated team and business intelligence software that makes seeing progress and costs transparent.